The Grand BAZ’ART

The Association organizes a yearly international outsider art festival,Le Grand Baz’ART, in the town ofGisors(France). Artists from all over the world come together for three days to show their works in the same venues, to bond, strike friendships, plan future events, have lunch and dinner together, and interact freely with the public.

Every year, a jury headed by a prominent personality of the French outsider art scene awards prizes in 6 categories and every edition has its guest of honour. Among those who have graced us over the years are AndréRobillard, Danielle Jacqui, Yvon Taillandier, Louis Chabaud, Ody Saban, Mickael Bethe-Selassie, Christophe Ronel, Jean-Luc Giraud, Marilena Pelosi, Joel Lorand, Dion Hitchings, Paraschiva Dumitru, Liz Parkinson and many more, while we have also hosted tribute exhibitions dedicated to Alain Bourbonnais, Chomo etc.

Our goal is to promote contemporary outsider artists, of all sub-genres and styles, by bringing young talents and confirmed creators together and giving them equal exposure. We provide an entirely free-of-charge platform for artists to show their works to a very open and receptive public. We value talent and originality, strong and unique aesthetic languages, but also friendship, inclusion and diversity.

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10 Rue de Cappeville, Gisors, 27140 France

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+33662 625 772

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