In August 2009 the first association for European outsider art was founded at a first general assembly at Museum Dr. Guislain, Belgium. This establishment is the result of a yearlong shared appeal to strengthen the voice of outsider art by improving intercultural cooperation and dialogue across the European borders.

The association operates as an umbrella organisation for all cultural workers devoted to the promotion of marginalised art in the European cultural sector. The primary objectives of the association are to:

  • create a favourable environment for those in this field willing to share experience, exchange good practice and set up partnerships at a transnational level
  • collect knowledge and share out information on activities and movements in the international outsider art scene
  • contribute to the shaping, development and implementation of national and European policies and legislation
  • create a forum for promoting, exploring and debating the history and contemporary state of outsider art
  • promote the rights of outsider artists


To connect European outsider art


To stimulate international cooperation and dialogue


To influence cultural policies and education


To promote the continuation of outsider art history


To protect the rights of outsider artists

Horst Wässle, Die Schlümper artist,