Psykiatrisk Center Amagers Projekt Råkunst

The project collects and exhibits the works of (primarily) local outsider artists. It is the vision and hope of the project that this act will

  • put the (creative) activities of people med mental illness into focus;
  • create an area within the center with an atmosphere that could work in healing and transforming ways by inviting to reflection, empathy and recognition;
  • support and stimulate the creative development, the individual and social empowerment and the recovery processes of those people with mental illnesses in (primarily) the local area that are invited to exhibit;
  • set an example for how an including, wholeness-oriented perspective on people with mental illnesses can also function and appear;
  • create a living and scholarly respected show room for outsider art, thereby also contributing to the development and of this particular art genre;
  • establish a properly documented collection of outsider art with a history that will be valuable in its own right.

Legal status:

Public organisation

Permanent address:

Psykiatrisk Center Amager

Digevej 110,

2300 København S. DK

Phone number:

00 36 1 224 6748

00 36 1224 6749

Email address:


Year of foundation:

Psychiatric Center Amager 2001

Raw Art Project 2017

Number of permanent staff: 

Full time: 4

Type of organisation:

A collection and show room for works by local outsider artists. Arranging 3-4 selected exhibitions per year. Visitors should be advised that Psychiatric Center Amager is a hospital and an orderly conduct is therefore required.