Outsiderville - ANO support of people with mental disorders

ANO "Outsiderville" (St. Petersburg, Russia), organized in 2013, actively helps people with mental disorders in their social rehabilitation with support for creative self-realization.

We interact with art studios and art therapists of psychiatric institutions, independent outsider artists, social and cultural institutions in Russia and abroad, implementing exposition projects and programs aimed at ecucation in the field of mental health, increasing psychological culture, level of tolerance of society and, most importantly, socio-cultural support of talented authors.

Separately, the support of ousider artists (outsider art and art brut), which are of great interest not only for art historians, but also for the worldcommunity, is beingcreated, acollection of outsider art is being formed. Our task is not only to provide vital support to the patients, but also tocreate an independent tool for material self-sufficiency with works ofcreative activity.

We actively paricipate and organize various art exhibitions of outsiders in Russia and participate in scientific and practical events dedicated to this subject, which allows popularizing the art of Russian masters of outsider art at home and abroad.


  1. Rehabilitation, socialization and integration, sociocultural and inclusive projects
  2. Uniting of interest in outsider artists in the fields: medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social sphere, art and culture
  3. Popularization of Russian outsider art in Russia and abroad
  4. Social adaptation and sale ofcreative works
  5. Assistance to art theapists, psychiatrichospitals and art studios in technical equipment, providing art materials, attracting necessary resources overcoming administrative barriers
  6. Formation of the Russian art collection of outsider artists
  7. Creation of a multifunctional Museum of Outsider Art in Saint-Petersburg

Legal status:

Independant non profit organisation

Permanent address:

194021, Russia

St. Petersburg

Institutskiy Avenue, 9-52

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Year of foundation:


Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 6

Part time: 12

Type of organisation:

Non-profit organization with own collection of outsider art