Kunstwerkstatt Mosaik Berlin

Kunstwerkstatt Mosaik Berlin serves a professional studio environment for mentallychallenged and disabled adult artists since 1996. The artists are working as professionals in the art workshop.

The intention is to offer workspace, techniques and materials to every artist to discover and develop his own expression. The artist is empathetically supported by a team of professional assistants.

We do not prefer to teach academically fine arts to the participants but try to stay open for and encourage individual (self-) expression. The artists choose from a wide variety of media, like printmaking, paiting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, photography and others. The artists interact and cooperate with other professional artists in an inclusive team.

Kunstwerkstatt Mosaik Berlin operates five days a week and represents and promotes the artists and their works. They are represented in exhibition venues and collections in Germany and Europe.

Legal status:

Independant non-profit limited company

Permanent address:

Askanierring 155

13585 Berlin


Phone number:

+49 30 375 986 52

Email address:




Year of foundation: 1996

Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 3-4

Part time: 3

Type of organisation:

Art workshop