Konstskolan LINNEA

The education runs for 3 years and there are 12 places/annumn. Out teachers are practicing professional artists.

Our goal is to:

  • Offer a true education, wich inspires our students to become more independent and more able to express themselves.
  • Allow our students to enjoy new languages and means of expression of art that we provide.
  • Give our students the chance to use the education we provide in their work, in art-orientated specail activities or in applying for other art courses.

(Painting by one of Konstskolan LINNEA´s art students, Charlie Lindberg)

Legal status:


Permanent address:

Skärholmsgången 32

S- 127 48 Skärholmen,


Phone number:

+46 8465 06 667

Email address:




Year of foundation: 1992

Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 2

Part time: 4

Type of organisation:

School of Art - education for people with autismspectrum/intellectual disabilities