KAOS (KunstAtelier OpperStraat)

KAOS (KunstAtelier OpperStraat) was founded in 2011 to coordinate the art projects that were already regularly initiated in the Psycho-Sociaal Centrum Sint-Alexius in Brussels. The main goal of KAOS is to support and develop artistic projects with people with a mental fragility and to present and integrate them into the larger (arts) society. KAOS supports people who happen to have both a mental disorder and an artistic vocation with the creation and the presentation of their work. To do so we look for cooperations with active contemporary artists. We organise workshops, seek for punctual collaborations or communal initiatives. The projects can originate in different disciplines: contemporary and plastic arts, music, poetry, dance, theatre and photography. Projects can result in exhibitions, performances, publications, … that are presented to a large public. KAOS is convinced that collaborations between artists – with or without mental disorders - can lead to exciting projects and synergies. We consider the mental health benefits for all participants and the destigmatisation effect of these collaborations to be positive side-effects. KAOS has a large and inspiring studio which we also use to organise exhibitions and presentations.

Legal status:

Non profit organisation


Permanent address:

Opperstraat 73 bus B

1050 Elsene/Brussels



Phone number:

+32 02/289 05 82


Email address:






Year of foundation: 2011


Number of permanent staff:

We work with volunteers and freelance artist

Type of organisation:

Art atelier / gallery space