The Inuti Foundation operates daily activities according to the Law on Support and Service for Certain Disabled Persons, LSS. We cater to artistically talented individuals with intellectual disabilities and those within the autism spectrum. Inuti has three locations in central Stockholm, Inuti Lilla Essingen, Inuti Kungsholmen and Inuti Västerbroplan.


We believe that everyone should work on what they excel at and develop at their own pace. Respect for artistic and personal freedom is important to us. We aim to offer an opportunity to grow as individuals and deepen artistic skills through concentrated work in a creative and permissive atmosphere. In the studios, we work on painting, sculpture, textiles, graphics, photography, installations, and performances, among other art forms, under professional artistic guidance.

Within our studios, Inuti artists and staff jointly run three social work cooperatives. Regular meetings and collaborative work in the cooperatives and daily activities provide a foundation for participation and ensure a democratic structure. We continually seek new forms of creativity as each person deepens their artistic expressions. Inuti artists have the opportunity to showcase their art in well-chosen contexts and thus engage with an audience.


Art is communication. Inuti conducts outward-facing activities with exhibitions, projects, and workshops. We regularly collaborate with professional artists and craftsmen, art institutions, and museums. We aim to interact in societal and cultural life through art events organized by us and others. We are a part of the EOA, European Outsider Art Association as well as a NOA, Nordic Outsider Art and several national networks. Our extensive network opens new doors to the world, enabling travel and exchanges with other members.


Inuti runs an art gallery, Inuti Galleri, and an art collection, Inuti Collection, consisting of over 400 intriguing artworks created in Inuti studios. The collection is unique in Sweden. The art is regularly exhibited and available on our website for research.


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Parmmätargatan 1
112 24 Stockholm



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+46 8 656 93 03


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Year of foundation: 1995

Number of permanent staff: 20

Number of artists: 70

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Art studios Collection and Gallery