Galerie Atelier De Kaai

The Kaai is founded in 1987. It is a workshop for artists with a disability.

Here they get the opportunity to develop themselves in visual arts. Besides painting, drawing and graphics, we focus on prose and poetry. The artists are supported by professional guidance, who do not interfere in the working process of the artists. The artists can visit museums, attend workshops in Holland and abroad.

The artists can develop their own particular style and idiom. Marianne Schipaanboord, Jan Piet Sep, Karhang Mui and Thea Boss are considered to be outsider artists.. Their artworks are in the collections of museums and galleries (international). Marianne Schipaanboord has exhibited in Holland, Belgium, New York, Chicago, Vienna, Galerie de Kaai has also a Gallery and Artotheek.

Legal status:

Foundation Gors


Permanent address:

J.A. van der Goeskade 65

4461 BJ Goes

the Netherlands


Phone number:

0031 (0) 113-222891


Email address:




Year of foundation: 1987


Number of permanent staff:

Part time: 3

Type of organisation:

Workshop, gallery