Bilbao Formarte

Bilbao FormArteis a learning center that offers a program of personal and professional development through artistic work for people with mental and/or intellectual disabilities.

A multidimensional project, which combines aspects linked to education (personal training and professional training), employment (through new fields of activity, which value the talent and specific skills of people with disabilities) and art and culture (as means of personal development, creation of own imaginaries and participation and social interaction).

We are professionals sensitized with the world of mental and/or intellectual disablity, for years we have been developing the idea of creating a training center through artistic creation aimed at the people of this collective, to offer them one more chance.

Legal status:

Cooperative of social initiative.

Non-profit entity.


Permanent address:

Bilbao FormArte, Kooperative Elkarte Txikia

C/Zankoeta, No. 1 A - bajo

48013 - Bilbao (Bizkaia)



Phone number:

+34 946076895

+34 655601877


Email address:



Year of foundation: 2013


Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 3

Part time: 3


Type of organisation:

Educational center