Atelier HPCA

Atelier HPCA is an institute for the promotion of mentally handicapped artists. It comprises a studio community of twenty artists, a connected gallery and its own art collection. atelier hpca supports the efforts of Outsider artists and sponsors their works by means of exhibition projects and publications. Outsider Art exists outside the art establishment. It is increasingly created by mentally handicapped artists, who need special care to realise their work. It allows the creation and preservation of this autonomous, truly "extra-cultural" artistic language.

Legal status:

Atelier HPCA is a department within the workshops for handicapped people of the Heilpädagogisches Centrum Augustinum gGmbH, a private organisation.


Permanent address:

Atelier HPCA

z.Hd. Klaus Mecherlein

Hirschplanalle 2

D – 85764 Oberschleißheim



Phone number:

+49 89 / 31581-161


Email address:




Year of foundation: 1995


Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 1

Part time: 3


Type of organisation:

Studio community of twenty artists, a connected gallery and an art collection