Art Without Borders

List án Landamæra - The festival Art Without Borders - is an annual festival in Reykjavik, Iceland. It showcases art from all artforms by disabled artists and supports collaborations between artists. The aim of the festival is to increase cultural equality and diversity by creating opportunities and a professional environment for disabled artists.

The festival was founded in 2003 during the European Year of People with Disabilities. Art Without Borders is the only venue in Iceland that focuses entirely on the artistic creation of disabled artists and is absolutely unique within the Icelandic art scene. Every year the festval gains more attention, interest and respect.

It is essential to create a platform where new opportunities and paths can open up to encourage equality within our society. Bring together different groups and individuals always open more and more doors and opportunities. The visibility of different individuals is important, both in society and in social discourse. Visibility directly affects equality in all areas.

The festival has collaborated with different individuals, organisations and groups, e.g. collaborated with art museums, working artists, playgroups and musicians. The festival has also contributed to the discussion of the image of disabled artists in the arts and art of disabled people, among others in collaboration with the University of Iceland, the National Museum and the Nordic House. Border Art Empahsizes that the art of disabled artists is valued equally within the art world and the art of disabled artists.

Art Without Borders was awarded the Múbrjót Developmental Assistance in 2009 and was nominated for the ÖBII Incentive Prize in 2011. In 2012, Art Without Borders recieved the Reykjavik City Human Rights Award.

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Culture organization


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List án landamæra

Hitt húisd

Rafstödvarvegur 5-7

110 Reykjavik



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Year of foundation: 2003


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Art Festival